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  • Logical Reasoning Practice Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Study Material

Digitization help student to explore and study their academic courses online, as this gives them flexibility and scheduling their learning at their convenience. Kidsfront has prepared unique course material of Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Analogy Reasoning for Logical Reasoning Practice student. This free online Verbal Reasoning Aptitude study material for Logical Reasoning Practice will help students in learning and doing practice on Analogy Reasoning topic of Logical Reasoning Practice Verbal Reasoning Aptitude. The study material on Analogy Reasoning, help Logical Reasoning Practice Verbal Reasoning Aptitude students to learn every aspect of Analogy Reasoning and prepare themselves for exams by doing online test exercise for Analogy Reasoning, as their study progresses in class. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Verbal Reasoning Aptitude with free online comprehensive study material and loads of Logical Reasoning Practice Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Analogy Reasoning exercise prepared by the highly professionals team. Students can understand Analogy Reasoning concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing practice test on Analogy Reasoning regularly till they excel in Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Analogy Reasoning.

Analogy Reasoning
Plane is to Sky as Car is to ______

a) Road
b) Big
c) Sky
d) Water

Correct Answer Is : Road
Solution Is :
Son is to Father as Daughter is to ______

a) Son
b) Mother
c) Girl
d) Aunt

Correct Answer Is : Mother
Solution Is :
Pen is to Writer as Brush is to ______

a) Author
b) Artist
c) Director
d) Doctor

Correct Answer Is : Artist
Solution Is :
Man is to Men as Woman is to ______

a) Man
b) Men
c) Women
d) Girl

Correct Answer Is : Women
Solution Is :
Boy is to Shirt as Girl is to ______

a) Blouse
b) Shirt
c) Pant
d) Towel

Correct Answer Is : Blouse
Solution Is :
Cat is to Mouse as Cow is to ______

a) Book
b) River
c) Sky
d) Grass

Correct Answer Is : Grass
Solution Is :
Sit is to Sat as Sing is to ______

a) Sit
b) Live
c) Sang
d) Like

Correct Answer Is : Sang
Solution Is :
Boy is to Girl as Man is to ______

a) Girl
b) Woman
c) Boy
d) Uncle

Correct Answer Is : Woman
Solution Is :
Snake is to Reptile as Lion is to ______

a) Animal
b) Bird
c) Pet
d) Mammal

Correct Answer Is : Mammal
Solution Is :
Music is to Listen as TV is to ______

a) Watch
b) Telephone
c) Bike
d) Car

Correct Answer Is : Watch
Solution Is :

Preparation for Exams

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