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  • General Knowledge Practice Science & Technology Study Material

Digitization help student to explore and study their academic courses online, as this gives them flexibility and scheduling their learning at their convenience. Kidsfront has prepared unique course material of Science & Technology Astronomy for General Knowledge Practice student. This free online Science & Technology study material for General Knowledge Practice will help students in learning and doing practice on Astronomy topic of General Knowledge Practice Science & Technology. The study material on Astronomy, help General Knowledge Practice Science & Technology students to learn every aspect of Astronomy and prepare themselves for exams by doing online test exercise for Astronomy, as their study progresses in class. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Science & Technology with free online comprehensive study material and loads of General Knowledge Practice Science & Technology Astronomy exercise prepared by the highly professionals team. Students can understand Astronomy concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing practice test on Astronomy regularly till they excel in Science & Technology Astronomy.

What distance is ray optics a good approximation when the aperture is 4 mn wide and the wavelength is 500 mn?

a) 32 m
b) 64 m
c) 16 m
d) 8 m

Correct Answer Is : 32 m
Solution Is :
When al light wave goes into water ,the quality that remains unchanged is its

a) Speed
b) Amplitude
c) Frequency
d) Wavelength

Correct Answer Is : Frequency
Solution Is :
Brillance of diamond is due to

a) Shape
b) Cutting
c) Reflection
d) Total internal reflection

Correct Answer Is : Total internal reflection
Solution Is :
A convex lens is in contact with a concave lens.The magnitutude of the ratio of their focal length is 2/3.Their equivalent focal length is 30 cm.What are their individual focal length?

a) (-75 cm,50 cm)
b) (-10cm, 15 cm)
c) 75 cm, 50 cm
d) (-15 cm, 10 cm)

Correct Answer Is : (-10cm, 15 cm)
Solution Is :
If a unit positive charge is taken from one point to another over an equipotential surface , then

a) Work is done on the charge.
b) Work is done by the charge.
c) Work done is constant
d) No work is done

Correct Answer Is : No work is done
Solution Is :
Constanton or manganin is widely used in wire wound standard resistors because of their

a) Tempearture independent resistivity.
b) Very weakly temerature dependent resistivity.
c) Strong dependence of resistivity on temerature.
d) Mechanical strength.

Correct Answer Is : Very weakly temerature dependent resistivity.
Solution Is :
An electric bulb is rated 220 V and 100 W.When it is operated on 110 V,the power consumed will be

a) 100 W
b) 75 W
c) 50 W
d) 25 W

Correct Answer Is : 25 W
Solution Is :
Boyle`s law is applicable for an

a) Adiabatic process
b) Isothermal process
c) Isobaric process
d) Isochoric process

Correct Answer Is : Isothermal process
Solution Is :
Sir C.V. Raman got nobel for his discovery about:

a) Theory of vision
b) Theory of vibration of musical instruments
c) Molecular spectra
d) Ultrasonics

Correct Answer Is : Molecular spectra
Solution Is :

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