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  • English Practice Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation Study Material

Digitization help student to explore and study their academic courses online, as this gives them flexibility and scheduling their learning at their convenience. Kidsfront has prepared unique course material of Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation Fill in the Blanks for English Practice student. This free online Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation study material for English Practice will help students in learning and doing practice on Fill in the Blanks topic of English Practice Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation. The study material on Fill in the Blanks, help English Practice Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation students to learn every aspect of Fill in the Blanks and prepare themselves for exams by doing online test exercise for Fill in the Blanks, as their study progresses in class. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation with free online comprehensive study material and loads of English Practice Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation Fill in the Blanks exercise prepared by the highly professionals team. Students can understand Fill in the Blanks concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing practice test on Fill in the Blanks regularly till they excel in Spelling, Capitalization and Punctuation Fill in the Blanks.

Fill in the Blanks
He was a man of ___________ ambition.

a) Big
b) Great
c) Good
d) Long

Correct Answer Is : Great
Solution Is :
Kalam won for himself __________ fame.

a) Pleasure
b) Heroism
c) Eternal
d) Ultimate

Correct Answer Is : Eternal
Solution Is :
The __________ birds catches the worm.

a) Morning
b) Early
c) Sunny
d) Small

Correct Answer Is : Early
Solution Is :
Are there any new boys ___________the math?

a) Join
b) Joining
c) Joined
d) Joins

Correct Answer Is : Joining
Solution Is :
We will try to start similar centres in different places________India.

a) In
b) The
c) From
d) To

Correct Answer Is : In
Solution Is :
We have___________two maths here, one in Madras and the other in Mumbai.

a) Starts
b) Started
c) Starting
d) Start

Correct Answer Is : Started
Solution Is :
I am glad to learn that you are ___________your meals with good appetite.

a) Ate
b) Eating
c) Eaten
d) Eats

Correct Answer Is : Eating
Solution Is :
I need not______ you of all the beauties of the place.

a) Tells
b) Told
c) Telling
d) Tell

Correct Answer Is : Tell
Solution Is :
They __________ have each two thick gerua-coloured jerseys and two blankets for bedding.

a) Should
b) Could
c) Can
d) Might

Correct Answer Is : Should
Solution Is :
I am sure to go Goa __________ visiting the Punjab.

a) After
b) To
c) From
d) In

Correct Answer Is : After
Solution Is :

Preparation for Exams

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