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  • Computer Practice Computer Awareness Study Material

Digitization help student to explore and study their academic courses online, as this gives them flexibility and scheduling their learning at their convenience. Kidsfront has prepared unique course material of Computer Awareness Computer Architecture for Computer Practice student. This free online Computer Awareness study material for Computer Practice will help students in learning and doing practice on Computer Architecture topic of Computer Practice Computer Awareness. The study material on Computer Architecture, help Computer Practice Computer Awareness students to learn every aspect of Computer Architecture and prepare themselves for exams by doing online test exercise for Computer Architecture, as their study progresses in class. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Computer Awareness with free online comprehensive study material and loads of Computer Practice Computer Awareness Computer Architecture exercise prepared by the highly professionals team. Students can understand Computer Architecture concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing practice test on Computer Architecture regularly till they excel in Computer Awareness Computer Architecture.

Computer Architecture
A compaction is a

a) Paging technique
b) A technique for overcoming external fragmentation
c) A technique for overcoming internal fragmentation
d) A technique for overcoming fatal error

Correct Answer Is : A technique for overcoming external fragmentation
Solution Is :
Which is responsible for carrying out computational task.

a) Motherboard
b) CPU
d) None of these

Correct Answer Is : CPU
Solution Is :
The main memory in a PC is made of

a) Cache memory
d) Both a and b

Correct Answer Is : Both a and b
Solution Is :
Cache memory acts between

a) CPU and RAM
b) RAM and ROM
c) CPU and Hard Disk
d) None of these

Correct Answer Is : CPU and RAM
Solution Is :
A technique used in microprocessor where the microprocessor begins executing a second instruction before the first has been completed.

a) Parallelism
b) Super Scaling
c) Pipelining
d) None of these

Correct Answer Is : Pipelining
Solution Is :
Which cache update the cache memory along with main memory.

a) Write Back
b) Write through
c) Either a or b
d) None of these

Correct Answer Is : Write Back
Solution Is :
The simplest form of cluster is

a) Beowolf approach
b) Sequioa approach
c) Stone approach
d) None of these

Correct Answer Is : Beowolf approach
Solution Is :
Operands are stored in a structure called

a) Pushup Stack
b) Pushdown Stack
c) Pulldown Stack
d) Pullup Stack

Correct Answer Is : Pushdown Stack
Solution Is :
Acronym of MISD is :

a) Multiple Index Single Data
b) Multiple Indirect Single Data
c) Multiple Instruction Single Data
d) None of these

Correct Answer Is : Multiple Instruction Single Data
Solution Is :
Program deals with

a) Logical address
b) Absolute address
c) Physical address
d) Relative address

Correct Answer Is : Logical address
Solution Is :

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