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  • Class 8 Maths Study Material

An Educational platform for Preparation and Practice Class 8. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Maths with free online comprehensive study material in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER for each Chapter of Maths for Class 8. This study material help Class 8, Maths students in learning every aspect of Cubes and cube roots . Students can understand Cubes and cube roots concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing Online Practice Tests on Maths,Cubes and cube roots chapter repeatedly till they excel in Class 8, Cubes and cube roots . Free ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS on Class 8, Cubes and cube roots comprise of Hundreds of Questions on Cubes and cube roots , prepared by the highly professionals team. Every repeat test of Cubes and cube roots will have new set of questions and help students to prepare themselves for exams by doing unlimited Online Test exercise on Cubes and cube roots . Attempt ONLINE TEST on Class 8,Maths,Cubes and cube roots in Academics section after completing this Cubes and cube roots Question Answer Exercise.

Unique pattern

  • Topic wise:Cubes and cube roots preparation in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER.
  • Evaluate preparation by doing ONLINE TEST of Class 8, Maths,Cubes and cube roots .
  • Review performance in PRACTICE TEST and do further learning on weak areas.
  • Attempt repeat ONLINE TESTS of Maths Cubes and cube roots till you excel.
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Cubes and cube roots
Cube root of negative number can be:

a) Can be positive or negative
b) Can only be positive
c) Can only be negative
d) Depend upon values

Correct Answer Is : Can only be negative
Solution Is :
A natural number is said to be perfect cube if:

a) If it a cube of any rational number
b) If it a cube root of some natural number
c) If it a cube of some natural number
d) Both B and C

Correct Answer Is : If it a cube of some natural number
Solution Is :
Cube of "3" can be written as:

a) 3 * 3
b) 3 *3* 3
c) 3*103
d) 3*33

Correct Answer Is : 3 *3* 3
Solution Is :
Which is not the perfect cube in following numbers:

a) 64
b) 27
c) 144
d) 125

Correct Answer Is : 144
Solution Is :
To find whether the cube is perfect cube or not the prime factors should be grouped as:

a) each prime factor should appear twice
b) each prime factor should appear thrice
c) Prime factors grouped as per ascending order
d) Prime factors grouped as per descending order

Correct Answer Is : each prime factor should appear thrice
Solution Is :
Which is the perfect cube among following:

a) 2700
b) 3700
c) 2300
d) 1900

Correct Answer Is : 2700
Solution Is :
The volume of cube whose surface area is 150

a) 150
b) 1250
c) 125
d) 115

Correct Answer Is : 125
Solution Is :
For using column method the values of a and b can be written for the value of 56

a) A=6,b=5
b) A=5 , b=6
c) A=5 ,b= 5
d) A=6, b=6

Correct Answer Is : A=5 , b=6
Solution Is :
By using column method the cube of 99 is

a) 970299
b) 941192
c) 970300
d) 79300

Correct Answer Is : 970299
Solution Is :
When we use column method the value of column 3 for finding cubeof 24 is

a) 13
b) 58
c) 102
d) 64

Correct Answer Is : 58
Solution Is :
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