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One day, a crab came out of water and strayed in a field of grass. It looked out for a good place to live in unaware of the fact that it could be dangerous for it to stay in the meadow for land.

Just then, there arrived a hungry fox and seeing the crab, it moved up to it and caught it in its mouth.

The crab realized his folly and said to himself, "I deserve it; I left my natural home and got attracted to a place to which I don't belong."


It was a dry summer's day. A crow was very thirsty. He flew here and there in search of water but couldn't find it anywhere.

At last, he reached a garden and spotted a pitcher lying there. It perched on it and saw that it had a little water in it. Feeling gay, he tried to drink water but his beak didn't reach it.

But the crow didn't lose heart. He thought over the matter coolly and an idea clicked him. He decided to put pebbles lying nearby, in the pitcher in order to raise the level of water.

The plan worked. With each drop of pebble into the pitcher, the water level started rising. At last, it came up to the neck of the pitcher. The crow quenched his thirst and flew away.

The End..

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