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Once a rabbit was wandering in a forest when a dog saw it from a distance and made for it at the top of his speed. The rabbit, seeing the dog approaching it, took to it's heels to save itself from being killed. As the dog was getting nearer and nearer the rabbit could not run anymore and hid under a bush.

In no time, the dog reached there and stood beside the bush. By now, the rabbit had taken good rest. So, it left the bush and ran to it's burrow as fast as it could.

The dog, again chased it and overtook it just before it could enter it's burrow. He licked the rabbit and at times bit it too. The rabbit could not understand why the dog was doing like that.

So, it asked the dog, "Are you a friend or an enemy? If, a friend, then why do you bite me but if, an enemy, why do you caress me? Please, be single-faced."

The End..

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