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One day a cricket was sitting on a branch of tree and chirping merrily. Suddenly, a fox came there, heard the merry chirps of the insect, looked up and licked his chops. But the insect was at a height to be jumped for and the wicked fox tried to get it down by a trick.

The fox flattered the cricket saying, "How sweet is your chirp! I liked it very much.

" Humbly, the insect replied, "Thank you for the compliment.

" Then the fox said, "Come down, let's be friends. We shall chat happily for some time.

" But the cricket was clever too and said; "I shall be safer if I stay away from you.

" The cricket could protect himself from the cruel fox because he had seen the wings of one of his brethren scattered around the mouth of a fox's burrow.

The End..

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