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One winter day, a wild ass was wandering about aimlessly. Suddenly he came to the edge of the forest where he saw a donkey lying in the warm sun at full length. Quite care-free as the donkey looked, the ass envied him a lot.

The wild ass went to the donkey and said, "How lucky you are! Your sleek skin shows how well you live." Saying this, the ass left the place but still kept thinking about the donkey.

After few days, he came again to see the donkey. But this time the donkey had a heavy load on his back. His master was following him with a stick in his hand and was hitting the donkey off and on to make him move at a steady pace.

Seeing this the ass said to himself, "What a pity. I no longer envy him. I didn't know that he has to live such a miserable life and has to buy his comfort at this price."

The End..

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