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  • Class 11 Maths Study Material

An Educational platform for Preparation and Practice Class 11. Kidsfront provide unique pattern of learning Maths with free online comprehensive study material in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER for each Chapter of Maths for Class 11. This study material help Class 11, Maths students in learning every aspect of Permutations and Combinations. Students can understand Permutations and Combinations concept easily and consolidate their learning by doing Online Practice Tests on Maths,Permutations and Combinations chapter repeatedly till they excel in Class 11, Permutations and Combinations. Free ONLINE PRACTICE TESTS on Class 11, Permutations and Combinations comprise of Hundreds of Questions on Permutations and Combinations, prepared by the highly professionals team. Every repeat test of Permutations and Combinations will have new set of questions and help students to prepare themselves for exams by doing unlimited Online Test exercise on Permutations and Combinations. Attempt ONLINE TEST on Class 11,Maths,Permutations and Combinations in Academics section after completing this Permutations and Combinations Question Answer Exercise.

Unique pattern

  • Topic wise:Permutations and Combinations preparation in the form of QUESTION & ANSWER.
  • Evaluate preparation by doing ONLINE TEST of Class 11, Maths,Permutations and Combinations.
  • Review performance in PRACTICE TEST and do further learning on weak areas.
  • Attempt repeat ONLINE TESTS of Maths Permutations and Combinations till you excel.
  • Evaluate your progress by doing ONLINE MOCK TEST of Class 11, Maths, All TOPICS.

Permutations and Combinations
How many words beginning with Q and ending with N can be formed using the letters of the word QUESTION ?

a) 720
b) 620
c) 752
d) 723

Correct Answer Is : 720
Solution Is :
The total number of ways of answering 6 objective questions, each question having five choices are

a) 15245
b) 12452
c) 15625
d) 15652

Correct Answer Is : 15625
Solution Is :
How many three digit numbers are there with distinct digit with each digit odd?

a) 60
b) 50
c) 70
d) 80

Correct Answer Is : 60
Solution Is :
If all permutations of the letters of the word BIIQN are arranged as in the dictionary, what is the 35th word?

d) None of this

Correct Answer Is : QIIBN
Solution Is : can be written in factorial notation as :

a) 13!/5!
b) 13!/6!
c) 13!/4!
d) None of this

Correct Answer Is : 13!/5!
Solution Is :
Find the number of words with or without meaning which can be made using all the letters of the word HAPPY.

a) 50
b) 60
c) 24
d) 18

Correct Answer Is : 60
Solution Is :
If (n + 2)! = 12 n! then n is equal to

a) 3
b) 2
c) 1
d) 4

Correct Answer Is : 2
Solution Is :
In how many ways can 9 people line up at a window of a school?

a) 362880
b) 3256532
c) 3628800
d) 3524865

Correct Answer Is : 362880
Solution Is :
What is the number of ways of choosing 8 cards from a pack of 52 playing cards ?

a) 52C8
b) 52P8
c) 8C52
d) 52Y8

Correct Answer Is : 52C8
Solution Is :
If n=9 and r=3 then n! / (n-r)! Is equal to

a) 60320
b) 60480
c) 65235
d) 45235

Correct Answer Is : 60480
Solution Is :
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